sqitch-deploy - Deploy changes to a database


sqitch deploy [options] [<database>]
sqitch deploy [options] [<database>] <change>
sqitch deploy [options] [<database>] --to-change <change>


Deploy changes to the database. Changes will begin from the current deployment state. They will run to the latest change, unless a change is specified, either via --to or with no option flag, in which case changes will be deployed up-to and including that change.

If the database it up-to-date or already deployed to the specified change, no changes will be made. If the change appears earlier in the plan than the currently-deployed state, an error will be returned, along with a suggestion to instead use sqitch-revert.

The <database> parameter specifies the database to which to connect, and may also be specified as the --target option. It can be target name, a URI, an engine name, or plan file path.


Configuration Variables


Part of the sqitch suite.