sqitch-checkout - Revert, checkout another VCS branch, and re-deploy changes


sqitch checkout [options] [<database>] <branch>


Checkout another branch in your project’s VCS (such as git), while performing the necessary database changes to update your database for the new branch.

More specifically, the checkout command compares the plan in the current branch to that in the branch to check out, identifies the last common changes between them, reverts to that change as if sqitch revert was called (unless there have been no changes deployed since that change), checks out the new branch, and then deploys all changes as if sqitch deploy had been called.

If the VCS is already on the specified branch, nothing will be done.

The <database> parameter specifies the database to which to connect, and may also be specified as the --target option. It can be target name, a URI, an engine name, or plan file path.


Configuration Variables


Part of the sqitch suite.