sqitch-bundle - Bundle a Sqitch project for distribution


sqitch bundle [options]
sqitch bundle --dest-dir widgets-1.0.0
sqitch bundle --all
sqitch bundle pg mysql


This command bundles up a sqitch project for distribution. At its simplest, it copies the project configuration file, plan files, and all of the change scripts to a directory. This directory can then be packaged up for distribution (as a tarball, RPM, etc.).

By default, the bundle command will bundle the plan and scripts for the default plan and top directory, as defined by the core configuration and command-line options. Pass the --all option to have it iterate over all known plans and top directories (as specified for engines and targets) and bundle them all. This works well for creating a a single bundle with all plans and scripts.

To specify which plans an top directories to bundle, pass the target, engine, or plan file names as arguments. See “Examples” for examples.

The bundle command also allows you to limit bundled changes to a subset of those in a plan. When bundling a single plan, use the --from and/or --to options to do the limiting. When using multiple plans, specify the changes after each target argument. In either case, the changes can be specified in any way documented on sqitchchanges. See “Examples” for examples.


Configuration Variables


Bundle a Sqitch project with the default plan and scripts into bundle:

sqitch bundle

Bundle a Sqitch project with all plans and scripts into bundle:

sqitch bundle --all

Bundle a Sqitch project into BUILDROOT/MyProj:

sqitch bundle --dest-dir BUILDROOT/MyProj

Bundle a project including changes adduser through @v1.0:

sqitch bundle --from adduser --to @v1.0

Bundle a the pg engine plans with changes adduser through @v1.0, and the sqlite engine with changes from the start of the plan up to widgets:

sqitch bundle pg adduser @v1.0 sqlite @ROOT wigets

Bundle just the files necessary to execute the plan for the pg engine:

sqitch bundle pg

Bundle the files necessary for two plan files:

sqitch bundle sqlite/sqitch.plan mysql/sqitch.plan


Part of the sqitch suite.