The Sqitch community warmly invites your participation. We welcome discussion and contributions from anyone and everyone, at every level of knowledge and skill. In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, all members of the community must abide by the Sqitch Community Code of Conduct.

GitHub Discussions

Got a question, idea, or some knowledge to drop? The best place to post is Sqitch GitHub Discussions. Requires a GitHub account to post, but anyone can read past and ongoing discussions. This is a great place for specific question and the recording of canonical answers. See you there!

Mail List

Got questions or comments for the Sqitch community? Send them to the Sqitch Users mail list. Subscribe by sending a message to sqitch-users+subscribe@googlegroups.com. Thereafter, send inquiries and notes to the list address, sqitch-users@googlegroups.com.

This low-volume list is also the best place to follow along with community news, general discussion, and to learn tips and techniques, as well as opportunities to contribute to the project. Browse the list archives to find out what you’ve missed so far, or to see if a question has already been answered.

Stack Overflow

If you’re not a mail list or GitHub person, log into Stack Overflow and tag your questions with sqitch. Or have a look at existing Sqitch questions to see if your question has been answered already.

Bug Reporting

Please report any Sqitch bugs you encounter or new features you’d like to request to the issue tracker (requires a GitHub account). If you’re not sure about a bug, or want to vet your feature idea with other members of the community, post it to the discussions or mail list.

Bugs related to this website can be reported via its issue tracker.

If you’re new to submitting bugs, you might want take review how to report bugs effectively to help you produce a useful report.

Contributing to Sqitch

We always welcome contributors to the Sqitch community — not just source code, but bug reports, feature requests, documentation, tutorials, spelling and grammatical corrections, web design. It all helps. If you’d like to get involved, the discussions and mail list are generally the places to start with suggestions and comments.

To contribute to the source, send pull requests via the GitHub project.

The Sqitch Organization on GitHub hosts a number of other related projects, too, including for this site, the Dockerfiles, Homebrew formulas, and more. All welcome your bug reports and pull requests.